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Walks in Malta


​​​​​​Walks for Summer 2024


Wednesday, 17th July

Marsaxlokk – San-Lucjan – Marnisi Area


  • Meeting Point :   We meet near Marsaxlokk Parish Church, close to the bus stop Marsaxlokk.  

  • Meeting Time  :    6.15pm

  • Walk Starts      :    6.30pm

  • Buses               :    81 from Valletta, 119 from Airport, 210 from Mater Dei Hospital.

  • Location          :    Google Maps links here   Co-ordinates: 35.841280, 14.544830


We walk in Triq Xatt is-Sajjieda keeping close to the sea all the way.  Pass the 1715 Knights era Vendome Tower or Redoubt, now the headquarters of Marsaxlokk F.C.  We go on the small beach and continue on this path all the way up till reaching St. Lucian Tower, built by Grand Master Wignacourt between 1610 and 1611.  In 1715 a semi circular battery was added and later the British built more fortification walls and gun emplacements between 1872 and 1878. Continue around the fort and observe the caponies in each corner of the ditch.

We stop for a while in front of the entrance to the fort and continue down Triq il-Qajjenza, keeping close to the sea.  Pass the huge oil tanks and enter a narrow path between fields till we emerge into Triq San Lucjan and go left.  At Y junction go right to see the Knights era Kavallerizza which was a horse riding school.  We go into a very narrow path and emerge on asphalted road and ahead we pass Palazzo Marnisi and soon pass also the Marsovin Vineyards and emerge into the main road, Triq iz-Zejtun.  Turn right, pass the niche’ of Christ the Redeemer.  This old statue was once part of the Zejtun Good Friday Procession which goes back to 1742 and was later put here, after it was replaced with a new one.

Cross the road and continue down and ahead turn left by the roundabout with Wied Hal Ginwi on our left till we reach a wide area, cross the road and go into Triq San Guzepp and ahead behind Marsaxlokk Parish Church. Turn around the church and back to our cars.


Duration: 2.15 hours.  Rating:  Rather an Easy Walk.



Friday, 30th August

Gozo Qala Pizza Walk.


  • Meeting Point  :   The Ferry leaves Cirkewwa 5.15pm.  We meet outside the Gozo Ferry Terminal

  • Meeting Time  :    6.15pm

  • Walk Starts      :    6.30pm

  • Buses              :    41, 42 from Valletta, 221 from Bugibba, 222 from Sliema ferry, X1 from Airport.

  • Location          :    Google Maps links here   Co-ordinates: 36.02377213742187, 14.298031613636109

We walk along the Mgarr promenade until Zewwieqa. We continue walking along the coast until we eventually reach Hondoq ir-Rummien.  We go uphill towards Qala.  Half way uphill we turn into a country road and then up again, until we reach the Qala village.  We then go up to the beginning of Triq iz-Zewwiega.  There, we pass a beautiful promenade and enter Xerri Il-Bukkett Restaurant to have our pizza.  We are expected to remain here for about two hours relaxing and enjoying our food.  After our pizza, we walk down for about half an hour to Mgarr in time to catch the 11.15pm return trip to Malta.  Those who DO NOT want to join us at the restaurant can precede ON THEIR OWN down to Mgarr to catch the 9.45 pm ferry.


Those joining us for the Pizza/Burger MUST book beforehand from the menu below to

Mario Farrugia on 99268508 – 21666166  email

Booking for Pizza/Burger OPENS Thursday 1st. August till Wednesday 28th August.



Wednesday, 11th September

Pembroke to Salina Park


  • Meeting Point :   We park our cars at Pembroke, at the junction of Triq Sant' Andrija (Regional Road) and Triq Sir Adrian Dingli, close to bus stop KOSTA.  

  • Meeting Time  :    5.15pm

  • Walk Starts      :    5.30pm

  • Buses              :    13 and 14 from Valletta, 110, 212, 222, 225 from Sliema.  Stop on bus stop KOSTA & cross the road.

  • Location          :     Google Maps links here    Co-ordinates: 35.928006, 14.471254


This walk has lovely sea views and the sound of breaking waves for most of the way.  We walk along Triq Sir Adrian Dingli, passing the commonwealth war graves, Santa Klara school and go through the derelict White Rocks Holiday Complex.  Upon reaching the Regional Road we walk downhill towards Bahar ic-Caghaq and continue along the coast road all the way to the end of the walk at Salina Park.  Along the way we pass the Qalet Marku tower,  Ghallis Tower, the Coastline Hotel and the refurbished Salina salt pans.

We pass Kennedy Grove and stop on bus stop KENNEDY, where we use public transport, to take us back to Pembroke bus stop KOSTA.


Advice For Walkers


This section provides advice for anyone taking part in a walk organised by the Malta Geographical Society.

Most walks involve using paths around and occasionally across fields; they can be uneven and muddy. In spring and summer you may have to cope with vegetation on and next to the paths.

Our walks are led by experienced walk leaders.

Here there is advice on clothing, what to bring on walks and good practice for group walks.

       All walkers

  • Note that walks start at the time given on the walk program. Anyone who wants to join the walk after it has started or who decides to leave before it has finished should make sure the leader knows.


  • The Society  encourages car sharing to get to walks – partly to reduce our carbon footprint and partly to ensure we all can park.



  • Anyone coming on a Society walk should be suitably clothed. A list of essential items includes:

  • a pair of walking boots or shoes,also a spare pair of shoes in the car

  • a waterproof jacket, outdoor trousers; a hat of some sort depending on the weather, something to eat and drink. Water is important to keep you hydrated.

  • A walking pole is useful and a whistle for emergencies and for wet weather a pair of over trousers.

  • Something to sit on to protect against the damp and the cold is important.

  • Some may wish to bring a first aid-kit, a change of clothing and sun-glasses and sun cream. 

      Food and drink

  • Bring food and drink  for the refreshment breaks. 



  • Alert the walk leader immediately if you feel unwell or need medical attention.

In the event of an incident/accident occurring report it to the Secretary or Chairman as soon as possible after the walk.

•    Leaders do carry First Aid kits and have basic First Aid training.

    On the walk

     The walk coordinator is in charge and responsible for ensuring the safety of the group and follow all instructions when directed. Do not move ahead of the walk coordinator.

     It is important that we all play a part in keeping walkers in touch on a walk. If you need to go into the bushes please tell someone so that they can tell the leader. Please let someone know if you are stopping – for whatever reason. Be aware of the walkers behind you at path junctions and ensure they have seen you turn off onto a sometimes hidden path.

     We ask all walkers to respect protected plants and vegetation and to leave no trace of food/fruit as it will take months to decompose. Take any rubbish that you have accumulated on the walk home with you.

    Particular care should be taken when walking along a road without a pavement. You are advised to walk single file and face the oncoming traffic unless blind bends make this dangerous. Please take care when crossing a road and when walking on quiet, narrow lanes and try to keep to one side, normally the right hand side.

    When using gates make sure that any gate is left as found, and not left open when it should be closed. When walking across a field and through crops keep as close as you can to any obvious route but sometimes the leader has to rely on a map to guide the way. Please walk in single file where the pathway is narrow and keep together and walk briskly when using the public footpaths which go through private gardens close to houses.

    A farmer/land manager may have posted notices with instructions for walkers; look out for these. Similarly there may be notices from local councils saying that a path is obstructed for some reason and advising an alternative route.



The Society, it's walks coordinators and administrators do not accept any liability for any loss or damage to property and/or death, bodily injury or illness sustained during the organised walks and activities.

By attending members and guests acknowledge that this will be at their own risk.

All those attending also acknowledge that photographs are taken during the walk and these may be published.
A walk or event maybe changed/cancelled at the discretion of the Society at any time.




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