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Message from Ramblers' Association of Malta
to the Malta Geograpical Society Members


Ingrim Bondin and Maura Marlow

We have some exciting news for you, so please read on!

Malta Geographical Society Joins Coalition:


We are delighted to announce that the Malta Geographical Society has become the latest walking group to join our ramblers coalition along with Leisure Ventures, Trekking Malta, Trail Makers and Xir Cammini! The Malta Geographical Society is Malta's oldest walking group, founded during the war in 1943! It is also one of Malta's biggest and best organised walking groups.


With Geographical onboard, all major walking groups are now united and represented in our coalition, giving us much more clout on the right of way issue we want to advance!


Thank you Maura Marlow and your team for your support!

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